Saturday, November 30, 2013

Autographed books, books and plush - and more.

This blogger says "it" better than I ever could. Leaders are Readers; Readers succeed; and if you want your child to be a leader/reader/successful give them books for the holidays. If you want them to be "gamers" (and no doubt there are careers there -- but they need to read to get through the programming classes) give them games. Now if you want your children to be "players" give them play things. Your choice as always. JMHO. 

Free shipping offer and rebates.

For those autographed books and book related gifts try

 Plush to accompany favorite books.  Gingerbread men - add a favorite version from your independent book store.  Nursery rhyme themed quilts, family stories in cookbooks, Iowa cutting board, time for reading plush time out animals, cookie cutters galore, fun stuff -- use your imagination.  Sales now.