Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sewing Tips & Ideas: Storing Sewing Machine Presser Feet

At a recent meeting of our local Cedar Rapids Area American Sewing Guild several members demonstrated the tricks and uses of various pressure feet for the sewing machine.  I have a Husqvarna Viking® - the 140th Anniversary limited edition - The Tribute 140C.  The special offer included many accessories including extra presser feet.  The storage section that fits on the back of the machine platform is not handy, in my opinion.  However, during the demonstration of the pressure feet one of the demonstrators showed how she stored her pressure feet and kept them organized.  While most of them have a "letter" on the foot - that letter is difficult to read.  Other specialty feet do not have any markings, only a small folded paper that shows the foot and give the use in VERY fine print.  So this storage solution seemed to fit the need.

At the Dollar Tree I found these storage containers with lids. Online one has to purchase in bulk but most Dollar Tree Stores in our area have the square containers.

On the tops of each one I marked the letter of the foot, and an indication of the intended use.  My sewing machine guide book provides extended notes about the use of the pressure feet.

The most difficult part was finding a storage spot for the containers once the feet were in them etc. But they fit nicely in the corner of the Fat Quarter drawer in the sewing room.  They will be handy - won't fall over.

The demonstration of pressure feet was excellent - but appreciated this side sewing tip and idea as well.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Beyond Chocolate: bananas and butterscotch

St. Patrick's Day is a day for chocolate and mint - don't ask me why but that seems just right for St. Patrick's Day but when one doesn't like chocolate (can you imagine how boring life could be), I wanted to bake something special so here is today's muffin recipe - Banana and Butterscotch Muffins -- makes 18 muffins.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Green Mint Chocolate Cake

Green Mint Chocolate Cake

Green Frog Gifts loves anything green -- and this green mint chocolate cake is a great dessert to serve for any holiday get-together or St. Patrick's Day pot luck.  Simple as pie - well simple as cake.

Prepare cake mix as directed.  Substitute 1/4 cup of Creme de Menthe for 1/4 cup of the required water.   Add the oil and eggs as directed.

Optional: If you like a chocolately chunk component (and I do).  Take 3 Hershey's chocolate bars and chop them up.  Put into the batter and stir.

Bake and cool the cake.

Now for the topping - once the cake has cooled you will want to spread on the hot fudge layer.  Since the fudge is so thick I usually warm it in the microwave before spreading on the cake.
It'll still be warm on the cake so I stick the entire cake with the fudge layer into the freezer while I flavor the whipped topping.

I add a tablespoon or so of Creme deMenthe to the whipped topping and stir.  Add green food coloring if you want a deeper shade of green.

Cut the Andes mints into random chunks.
Spread the green Creme deMenthe flavored whipped topping on the cake over the fudge layer.  Randomly drop the Andes mints onto the top of the cake.

Share at your potluck or holiday meal.

Enjoy every crumb.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Secret Pockets -- and Aprons, Books, and Connections

A Is for Apron -- ABCs: Aprons, Books, and Connections

Everyone likes a secret and including a secret pocket in a garment is a fun thing to do.  This green apron has a secret pocket -- with a treasure inside.
And another secret as well...  All is revealed in A Is for Apron -- ABCs: Aprons, Books, and Connections
A unique presentation featuring the history of aprons, connections to books, and myriad of ideas for reading, sewing, creating, and building a literacy environment in your community.  A great keynote or luncheon presentation at functions which might include tradesmen, parents, educators, sewing enthusiasts. Sewing guilds.

McBookwords has a dozen or more authors that speak with young readers.  If you would like to investigate having this presentation for your organization  --  please contact us at McBookwords. A presentation for  all types of groups that are interested in literacy and  books, and arts such as sewing and creativity with fabric.