Thursday, February 23, 2017

Secret Pockets -- and Aprons, Books, and Connections

A Is for Apron -- ABCs: Aprons, Books, and Connections

Everyone likes a secret and including a secret pocket in a garment is a fun thing to do.  This green apron has a secret pocket -- with a treasure inside.
And another secret as well...  All is revealed in A Is for Apron -- ABCs: Aprons, Books, and Connections
A unique presentation featuring the history of aprons, connections to books, and myriad of ideas for reading, sewing, creating, and building a literacy environment in your community.  A great keynote or luncheon presentation at functions which might include tradesmen, parents, educators, sewing enthusiasts. Sewing guilds.

McBookwords has a dozen or more authors that speak with young readers.  If you would like to investigate having this presentation for your organization  --  please contact us at McBookwords. A presentation for  all types of groups that are interested in literacy and  books, and arts such as sewing and creativity with fabric.