Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rhubarb - 'Tis the Season


  1. The thick leaf stalks of a cultivated plant of the dock family, which are reddish
    or green and eaten as a fruit after cooking.
  2. The large-leaved Eurasian plant (Rheum rhaponticum) that produces these stems.

Synonyms --pieplant

Rhubarb makes a delicious Rhubarb pie — whether alone or combined with strawberries. Rhubarb Pie is a staple in the restaurants in the Amana Colonies - a historical area in the middle of Iowa.  Making a good crust is a talent -- and if making it fresh, time-consuming.  Much quicker and just as delicious is a good rhubarb crisp.  It takes only minutes to put together and then into the oven while you are preparing for guests or making the rest of the meal.  Serve it warm with ice cream (we like using a butter crunch) or with whipped cream.

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