Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review of *new* Kitchen Aid Food Processor & Cranberry Relish

I LOVE my new Kitchen Aid food processor.  It slices and minces and chops - -and well you get it.  It all works perfectly EXCEPT for two things:

1)  Whoever designed the push buttons needs to get older and realize that finger strength in some of us is less than strong.  The buttons are absolutely too difficult to push to engage the action.  Three functions are plenty enough - no complaints there but to press a couple of times to get the mechanism to STOP is irritating.  I think I know why the buttons are why they are - ease of cleaning but I think engineering could figure out how to make the buttons easy to clean AND EASY TO ENGAGE.

2) What misguided person thinks that anyone is going to actually leave this "counter top appliance" on the counter top as if it is part of the home decor?  I have cute little gingerbread people, lovely Norwegian tiles with Rosemaling, a seasonal cookie jar perhaps but my counter top will not ever display a food processor, a mixer, or even a toaster.  Those are retrieved from my appliance cabinet when needed.  So what's my complaint.  The base of this food processor is extremely difficult to move.  It's not heavy (at least the basic seven cup processor) -- although plenty sturdy not to jump and shake when it is being used.  But there is no convenient way to pick up the base.  Put the plastic upper portions in the dishwasher when finished and then attempt to put away the base.  Easy to wipe off -- but then one has to squeeze one's fingers under the base; balance it against the other hand while struggling to get a grip on the second side.  Then carry it awkwardly to the appliance cabinet.  WHERE ARE THE HANDLES ON THE BASE?  It's nice that the product has a convenient and easy to grip handle on the work bowl, but that does not work for moving the base.  I do love what the food processor can do -- and wish I had gotten it in red, although I'm not sure that the basic model comes in red but every time I use it I grumble about the lack of a handle or a side indentation in the base so it can be picked up and moved easily.  I have a perfect solution to the storage of the work bowl and the  slicing blades and so forth.   A small rectangular wicker, cloth lined, basket sits right beside the processor base and when the work bowl or what ever comes out of the dishwasher just toss it into the basket and the next time grab the basket -- and the base by whatever method you can manage to move it to your counter top.

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Cranberry Orange Relish

And now a confession -- I LOVE cranberry relish and the main reason I keep a food processor in the house is to make this relish, especially for the holidays.  The recipe is simple... 

Cranberry Orange Relish - Recipe

12 oz. package of frozen cranberries
1 large orange (washed, ends cut off, and quartered; use peels and all except seeds)
1 cup of sugar or Splenda®

Optional:  You can add pecans or an apple if you wish.  I prefer not to use pecans and apples lower the shelf life of the relish. 
Put all ingredients in food processor, and chop (pulsing works best - make sure that you don't over process and make mush).  After chopping, and letting the relish sit for a couple of hours, the entire mixture will turn a beautiful red with a few bits of orange throughout.

 Store in a quart jar in the refrigerator.  Refrigerator life is several weeks if you have left overs.

Sharron McElmeel